Attracting Gay Men

girls who like...

I am a gay man magnet and I love it.  If there is a gay man at a bar or party, I can guarantee you that he will be at my side by the end of the evening. Don’t get me wrong, I have many LBGQT  friends, it’s just I especially attract gay men. And […]

My Body By Laser Program

These are not amoeba!

I wasn’t kidding when I said I was gonna do Body By Laser  .  It  uses” revolutionary cold laser therapy to safely target and reduce fat on the body, without the pain and risk typically associated with liposuction surgery. ” I started two weeks ago.  It’s simple, all it took was one phone call and […]

Battle of the Bulge


  I’m tired of being a “fat girl.”  I know, you’ve heard this before, this time–I’m serious. I guess all my life I have been obsessed with my weight. I couldn’t understand why until a couple years ago I realized, so is my mother. She is a very petite 5’3” and 113 lbs. Well, she […]

Eating Dim Sum


There is no dim sum in Maui. Oh please, I love Dragon Dragon but I don’t count their five offerings off the menu–you need carts. So when I went home to Honolulu ( yes, I still call that home) I asked my good friend the PR Diva where I could get great dim sum? I […]

You Can Meet Guys at Weddings…


My friend recently got married…she’s 24.  It happened all of a sudden. She met a guy, they dated for five months, she moved in then six weeks later BOOM! They decided to get married, at first her family and friends were shocked, some questioning. some supportive.  I, of course was the latter.  If you know, […]

Defining the Relationship Labels

booty call

Ok so over the past months I have tweeted and posted about my “fake boyfriend” and  my “un-boyfriend.” Which brings me to really ask,” What the heck each term means?”  At first, I thought that the “Fake BF” was one that you didn’t want to acknowledge a relationship and your friends didn’t either. The “UB […]

Blame It On The Vog


The other day  I got up and my eyes were literally glued together. I couldn’t understand why. I wasn’t sick, my eyes weren’t swollen, no pink eye.  ?????  When I got to work my co-workers were all talking about the vog and how bad it was. Sure enough I looked out toward Lana’i and the […]